'MERICA - Original


Title: 'Merica
Medium: Acrylic
Surface: Wood
Scale: 66" x 22" (5.5' x 2.8')
Wall Ready: Mounted for Hanging

An Original Artwork portraying depictions of depravity and lunacy on Capitol Hill, January 6th, 2021 in a style mimicking Picassos' Guernica. Displaying over 20 scenes of perversion enacted by seditious MAGA supporting rioters, including; the "Qanon Shaman" [sic], a disconnected emergency button in a Democratic Lawmakers office, the confrontation with Eugene Goodman, and the death of Brian Sicknick.

All original artworks are developed using quality pigments and are coated with an archival finish to promote longevity through UV protection. Each artwork is professionally wrapped and packaged for safe shipment to its final destination. Shipping rates vary with each original. All artwork is shipped ground, insured, with tracking to keep pricing as low as possible. NOTE, if you order more than 1 item they may be sent individually to help keep shipping costs reasonable.

Pick-up/Delivery is available in and around the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. Thanks for your support!

Canada/US: approx 1-3 weeks
Rest of World: approx 2-6 week